PILATES PRICING                                 

Private Personal Training:      One-on-One

                    One Session                     $75.00 

                    Ten Sessions                    $65.00  =  $692

                    Twenty Sessions               $60.00  =  $1277

                     Five 1/2 Hour Sessions    $37.50  =  $ 188

Duet Personal Training:          Two-on-One

                    One Session                     $54.00  (per person) 

                    Ten Sessions                    $45.00 (per person)   =  $479 (per person)

                    Twenty Sessions               $40.00 (per person)   =   $852 (per person)

 Clinic Training: 5 Week Sessions:    Four-on-One

                   One Five Week Session (five weeks)           $35.00 Per Session = $187.00 (per person)

                   Two Five Week Sessions (ten weeks)         $30.00 Per Session = $320.00 (per person)

                   Four Five Week Sessions (twenty weeks)  $25.00 Per Session = $534.00  (per person)

*In order to participate in a clinic you will need to take at least three private or duet sessions prior to the clinic.  This is so you are able to become familiar with the Pilates Equipment and the proper alignment to make your Pilates experience most efficient and safe.

3 Private Sessions $69 per session= $207.00

3 Duet Sessions $48 per sessions= $144.00

*These prices are subject to change at any time. The above pricing does include tax.*