SPIN┬«  is a 45 minute cardiovascular workout on a stationary 45 lb. flywheel bike. It includes great music, standing, and seated movement on hills and flats with a Certified Instructor that keep you motivated!  Go at your own Pace!  Please Bring a Towel, Water Bottle and Sneakers!

Pilates Mat - Pilates Mat is a Pilates Class on the mat that will give you strength and flexibility.  A certified instructor will lead you to get your body moving.  No experience is required.  Each person can be challenged at their own level.  Please bring a Pilates mat. 

TRX- A half an hour of improving mobility and strengthening your core.  It is a full body workout led by a Certified Instructor .  It's all your average workout moves with a twist .. a suspension trainer!  The TRX suspension Training makes gravity your resistance, so you can easily adjust the level of difficulty. 

1.  Please call or sign up ahead when you plan to take any classes.

2.  Members can sign up for 3 classes in advance

3.  Please call if  you are unable to attend at least 24 hours in advance.

4. SPINNING- If there is less than 5 participants signed up prior to class the class will be canceled and the participants who have signed up will be called.


1.  If we have a waiting list and your spot cannot be filled you will be responsible for the spot and will be charged $5.00 payable before your next class.  If we don't have a waiting list you will not be charged.

2.  Spinning-If you are the fifth person to make a possible class you will be responsible for the spot.  Five  or more participants no charge.

Packages are kept updated in the computer. You are responsible for reserving your spot and for checking your name when you participate in a class.  You will be called or emailed when you are getting to the end of your package.